New firmware V01.01.22A fuze no longer works

Hi All

I just updated my firmware to the latest version and now windows nor Linux can see my fuse when I connect to the computer.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Any Ideas?


Before you updated, how did you normally connect to your computer, MTP or MSC mode? Updating the firmware will sometimes revert the player back to default MTP or worse yet, Auto-Defect. You may just need to switch your USB mode in SETTINGS > SYSTEM SETTINGS.

Please forgive my ignorance on this subject, but I don’t know what MTP or MSC means, I just plugged the Fuze in to the USB port and XP would put the little green arrow in the lower right hand corner of the


Now when I plug it in, a little picture of an MP3 player shows up, when I click on it, it goes away, then if I open up windows explorer it does not show a drive letter for the Fuze like it use to.

The answer to your troubles is right here

Since I am being REALLY helpful today, start at page 30.

Or, here’s a primer on MTP & MSC mode.

What happens if you open Windows Explorer without clicking on the player icon in the lower right corner of the screen (also known as the system tray)?

Both of these answers took 0.001 seconds to find. Is it me or is it a general trend that people do not google/search the forum for the answer but repeat the same question that someone else posted 5 minutes ago because they want to be spoon fed?

Learn to use the “Search” function , look for it here:

When updating the firmware, the default USB connection mode may be changed from its current setting, to the default “Auto Detect”.

Many users can successfully connect their Sansa and transfer music without ever having to give the USB mode even a passing thought.  When and if this setting is changed, as in your case, the interaction with the Sansa changes, doesn’t it?

The big difference between MSC (Mass Storage Class) and MTP (media Transfer Protocol) is that in MSC, your computer sees the Sansa as a flash memory device; while in MTP mode, the computer sees the Sansa as a media device, capable of handling DRM (protected) media.

MTP mode allows subscription media sources like Napster or Rhapsody, or audio books from Audible, where the media rights to play the selections must be transferred with the file.  MTP is actually a higher, virtual mode, requiring Windows Media Player 10 or later to support the mode.  It does many things in the background, like file associations, allowing convenient links to album data, notes about the file or artist, album art, purchase flags, song ratings, and more conveniences.

Now for the downside of all this capability: it requires Windows Media Player to provide the requisite drivers for this mode, and many computers simply “have fits” trying to enable the mode.  Rather than engineering a “software wizard” to assist in troubleshooting the protocol, depending upon your operating system and installed software, Microsoft has provided us with wonderfully cryptic information on repairing the hairball.  Thus, many users simply opt to switch to MSC, avoiding the issue.

This works well, and as you’ve seen in your case, it functioned fine…until the setting was changed.  It’s possible to have the default setting change when loading a new firmware.

Just as a quick note here, on the device, go to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode to configure your USB connection.  You’ll see the mysterious “Auto Detect” listed first, then MTP and MSC.  To make your selection, highlight your choice, and press the center button.

Auto Detect is clever, and most useful if you use multiple computers.  Auto detect allows the Sansa to “say hello” to your PC during that initial connection, to have a peek at the installed operating system of the computer.  If the system is capable of MTP mode, it will attempt to connect in this mode, otherwise, it will connect in MSC.  I use this mode, as I can transfer diagnostic data in MSC mode, keeping it separated from my media, which is loaded in MTP.

I am taking advantage of a characteristic designed into MTP mode: files transferred in this mode are not visible from the computer, when connected in the alternate mode.  Thus, files transferred in MSC can’t be accessed while in MTP, and vice versa. 

This “wall between the modes” is most often discovered by users transferring music, as suddenly, the Music folder appears to be empty when viewed from the computer.  The Sansa can see and access _all files , _ regardless of the mode of transfer.  As this can become quite confusing, most users will simply decide on a mode that works, and stay with that mode.

A few subtleties pop up with the different modes, most principally in the areas of playlists and album art.  Since these are related to the device being used as a media player, MTP mode supports both well.  Art magically links, and playlists are a single mouse click away.  In MSC mode, one must apply a bit of diligence for these to function properly.

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I know the mtp msc gets brought up all the time.Thanks for a concise explanation neutron_bob:smiley: