Problem With Comp. Recognizing My Sansa Fuze To Eventually D/L Music

I just started to connect my sansa today and a followed the basic instructions of opening internet explorer and looking for the Sansa Icon in My Computer. However, I couldnt find the icon in My Computer so I came to this forum page. I tried to follow instuctions of changing USB modes and all that but failed, this is considering the FAQ’s simply told me to change them instead of giving instruction on how to do so. So can someone help me with my computer recongnizing my Sansa Fuze?

To change USB modes, go into your player’s SETTINGS > SYSTEM SETTINGS > USB MODE. Here you will find:

Auto Detect

MTP mode

MSC mode

Auto Detect connects in MTP mode by default whenever possible. MTP is necessary if you plan to use Rhapsody, Napster or other subscription-based music service as they encrypt the files with DRM (Digital Rights Management) coding so they will only play if you pay.

You would also need to use MTP mode if you plan on ‘syncing’ your music from your computer to your player via Windows Media Player. Becasue MTP is a ‘virtual’ mode and requires ‘managing’ your player, it is also more difficult to establish a data connection. All the planetary & galactic systems must be in perfect alignment and the moon in the 7th house for it to work. :wink:

Whereas, in MSC mode, your computer sees your player as just another flash storage device, or drive. It also assigns a drive letter to it (actually 2, one for the player and one for the card slot, whether a card is inserted or not). You will see it in Windows Explorer (or My Computer) alongside your other additional drives like your CD or DVD drives. You can simply drag & drop files from your computer to your player and/or memory card. Very simple & trouble-free for the most part.

It’s best to choose which mode you plan to use based on how you intend to use and manage your player and manually select that one in the SETTINGS menu. Auto Detect is a little flaky & confusing as you never know what mode you are connected in at any given time.

Look around on the forum here; you’ll discover a lot more conversations, discussions and information relative to these 2 options and their pros & cons. :wink: