Sync, MSC, and MTP

I was lucky enough to find a Clip at one of my local Walmarts and found out about the MSC and MTP modes. Since it seemed like MSC is easier for file management I set it up to work this way. It also works fine in my Fusion when I plug it in to the USB port, but I’ve read a couple of things suggesting that MTP might be better if using as a Sync device. Can anyone tell me more about this? Is there some improved capability or additional features that are available if I use it in MTP mode with Sync?

I do realize I’ll have to erase my old files and reinstall my music files while in MTP if it’s recommended to use that mode.

The only reason I can think of for using MTP is if you are syncing files containing DRM (subscription-based) to the Clip.  You need to use MTP for this.  Otherwise, I can’t think of an advantage to MTP over MSC.

Thanks PP. I wasn’t sure if MTP would do something fancy like better Voice Activated catalog requests or something like that.

The only thing MTP mode does with more reliability than MSC is give you . . .









And MTP syncs more slowly, too!  But having said all that, I actually do use it to sync my microSDHC card in my Sansa Connect, so I can sync both it and the internal memory at the same time with auto playlists in MediaMonkey.  Not having to take the card out of the player means not having to wait for the player to read the card when it’s inserted.  That first filling of the card was painful, though.