Drag & drop in MTP mode...

At first: My PC can recognize the sansa clip in both modes, so that’s not my question.


Everywhere I read that MSC mode is for drag & drop music to the player and MTP is for sync with media player etc.


BUT: I can drag & drop my files to the music folder in MTP mode. What I’d like to know now is… is that ‘normal’? Or is it better to drag & drop in MSC mode?


Well, I hope that’s not a silly question :-/

Sorry, if its already answered anywhere else.


Thanks in advance…

You can drag and drop in either mode.  MSC mode is compatible with more systems, and as tracks will only show on your computer in the mode they were transferred, if you don’t intend to use the functionality of MTP (sync etc) you might prefer to use MSC for this reason. 

Also in MTP mode, if you right click a file or folder on the Clip, you’ll see the limitations.  If I recall you can only delete.  With MSC it’s a regular old filesystem so you can do whatever you like to the files already on the Clip.