WHAT THE HELL???????????????

  Ok, I know the batterie life isn’t that long,but, WHAT THE HELL? I’ve had this thing 4 less than 7months & it just died! I don’t use it 4 prolonged periods, I charge it weekly, & now it’s dead, like DEAD, DEAD!! No turn on. No music. No picture. No nothin!! And the hole turd about the problem is that no retailer has a “freakin” clue on how your product is supposed to work!!! It says in the dissclaimer that the batterie is replaceable, but, who sells them, & 4 how much? And let me tell you, that darn cover isn’t as easy as you say it is to remove. It’s a down right pain in the ass!!!


             So, please, can somebody tell me what can I do, where 2 go, who 2 talk 2, or am I just another sucker that paid a little less 4 something he thought that was as good as, or better than a i-pod?

                               Thanx very much


I think that if you go to sandisk.com you can order one there. I haven’t looked myself but I just assumed that if I walked into a major electronics store with the dead battery in hand someone there would be able to find a suitable replacement.

Good luck. Let us know if you succeed. I’m sure I will need to know sooner or later.

Wow, thats some problem…

What exactly is happening? One time, my player did this, I took the battery out, and then I plugged it into my computer, and it turned on.

I put my battery back in, and then it turned back on… Was the strangest thing.

The back cover on an e200 is very easy to remove IF you have the proper tools, by which I mean you have a good precision screwdriver set.

I’ve been using a simple Craftsman set from Sears for eight or nine years now.  IIRC, it has five Torx drivers, four flat head screwdrivers, four Phillips screwdrivers.  Set me back $10 or $15 and I’ve used it almost continuously on all the electronics I goof around with over that time.  It’s not a great set, but for what it cost and the fact that it covers almost every piece of small electronics I stumble across, it’s really a steal.

The Rat Shack also tends to stock a nice little self-contained precision screwdriver kit that has flat and phillips bits that are secured in a twist-tightening tip.  Works great, about the same price and it pockets well.  Also fits quite easily into the side pockets of nylon Leatherman sheaths.  Every now and then I do freelance computer or electronics repair and having such a combination on my hip makes life a LOT easier.

That aside, I’m sure you could find a replacement battery on the intarweb somewhere.  Less than two minutes perusing SanDisk’s website reveals that the part number is SDAMX4-RBK-G10.  Google finds them to be quite readily available.

Before you purchase an additional battery, they actually last much longer than what you have stated.

So please try the troubleshooting step Peter mentioned first.

The battery is user replaceable.  You just need a small screwdriver to remove the metal cover.  As people have mentioned you can get them from pretty much anywhere.
(I have found customers have used Eyeglass repair kits, Jewelers kits and Walmart has them too! Mentioned here were Radio Shack as well as Sears.)

E200 Battery Replacement Kit - Includes the E200 Battery, 4 Screws and a Screw Driver

If you don’t want to pay, you cAn ring up support, see what they can do, they might give a support ticket and get a replacement for free, instead of buying a new battery.