What programs are people using?

I was wondering what programs people are using to get audio to their fuzes. Also, if it is in the mode where it is a flash drive (MSC?) do you have to make individual folders for each artist? thanks

In MSC mode you don’t need a program. Just drag and drop. Some people use Media Monkey or Winamp as music library programs. 

The Sansa organizes by ID3 tags–Artist, Album, etc.–that are within the mp3 files. It doesn’t care if you use folders or not. But you might want to use folders so you can find things.

I was going to use Rhapsody, but I’m not paying to transfer music that I get for free.  So for now I’m using Windows Media Player.  We will see how it works.  I’m in the middle to transferring songs now.

Making folders for each artist doesn’t do anything on the Fuze. The Fuze navigates by ID3 tags, not folders. If the music is not protected, you can use Windows Explorer or My Computer to copy the files to the player. This will work in either MTP or MSC mode. For protected music, you need to use  MTP mode and a program like Windows Media Player to transfer the music, otherwise the licenses don’t transfer to the player and the player won’t play them.

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I’ve tried 4 organizing SW programs and by the far the best is MediaMonkey.


“I’ve tried 4 organizing SW programs and by the far the best is MediaMonkey.”

I looked up Mediamonkey and found this.

“The MP3 encoder is limited to 30 days in the free version. The M4A encoder is limited to 30 days unless the encoder is purchased separately.
** Tags are preserved for MP3, AAC/M4A, OGG, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC or MPC.”

So while Windows Media Player is a bit limited, it is very easy to use, and people already have it on their pc. I use Mp3Tag (which is free) to edit tags.

I prefer to just use Windows Explorer. After the music is ripped, I drag the new folder (still on my computer) over to MP3tag to check the tags (I try to keep the number of genres to just a couple dozen for easy Fuze navigation). I’ll also make sure the files have album art; if not I’ll get album art to put in the folder. Then I drag the foler under the Music folder on the Fuze. Done. Either mode could be used for all this, but I use MSC so I can go back and edit after the songs are on the Fuze (if needed).

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Use the search box here to find details on the Media Monkey LAME encoder, I believe it is.  You can install your own, I have read.

In my experience, if an application does the job well, I recommend supporting the supplier, and purchasing the “full version” from them.  Media Monkey also supports OGG, I see.

I have the same attitude with MP3Tag.  It works so very well, and it’s free.  As soon as I can afford it, they’ll be getting my donation, most assuredly.

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