Who broke the Fuze?

Happily used my old Fuze for a couple of years, listening only to Audio files of varying nature, (radio recordings/podcasts/audiobooks etc). Just drag…Drop…and Listen - Simple!

My new Fuze+ lists only about a third of what I put onto it and appears to scramble alphabetical listings at will.

NOW, I may be being a bit thick here, but isn’t that something of a retrograde step?

  1. Question: Who broke the Fuze?

  2. Did they get the sack?

  3. Do Sansa intend to fix the Fuze+ before my patience, (and that of many others), runs out and we all :mansad:return them to the unfortunate sellers?

The previous Fuze did handle things a bit differently. The key to proper listing of your files is in the metadata embedded in those files.  This is not simply the file name, but the included information in the form of track name, artist, album, genre and such.

The Fuze navigates between your audio files based upon this information.  I like to use MP3Tag , downloaded here.  Another really handy application is to use Media Monkey, which also keeps track of your entire music library, a welcome alternative to Windows Media Player.

As for the ID3 tag format, the Sansas like ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (Latin-I) tag format.

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When I am using MediaMonkey, I load all the music off my computer into the MediaMonkey library, then insert the device. Media Monkey recognises the player and mounts it correctly. The only problem is that my music on the player is loaded into seperated Artist folders inside the main Music folder. So when I click on the Sansa Fuze+ icon it doesnt show any music. I have to click on seperate Artist folders inside the Music folder to see any music. In other wods, I cannot easily see all my music with one click, I have to manually click on each Artist and then Album folder before I can see an album at a time. Is there a workaround or easy way of showing all the music in MediaMonkey using the Sansa players folder structure?

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Is there a workaround or easy way of showing all the music in MediaMonkey using the Sansa players folder structure?

This is a bit off-topic for this thread. Better to start a new one with your questions concerning Media Monkey.

Or maybe even try the Media Monkey forum. :wink:


"…I like to use MP3Tag…"

That’s my point really!

All through the ownership of my old Fuze I was never aware of, or needed, any such program.

NOW I am painfully aware of MP3 tag AND the hours spent having to change the tag format & add Album titles - Just to get the Fuze+ to do what the old Fuze did without all the faffing about.

My old Fuze did what it said on the tin. I loaded all my audio files, which it recognised, then let me listen to them in order. I fear that Sandisk may have dissapointed a lot of upgraders with the effort so far. Unless there is some magic performed in the next firmware update I won’t ever leap into a purchase again, presuming that newer is better.

Well you are genearlly right about the fuze being more forgiving than the fuze + but the fuze will also exhibit issues if the tags are not correct. Like the album art may not show up or the library will refresh very slow due to messed up our outdated tags (such as having more than 1 type of tag attached to the music file). Mp3 tag can remove all the old tags and unessacary tag data in a few simple steps and doesn’t need to take you hours to do. If you have windows vista or 7 I woudl disable EAC and then you can just drag and drop yoru files into mp3 tag. Or you can add your entire library to the directory and remove all that uneeded info in one step (such as ape,v3.1 tags,  composer info, disc number, and comments. Just save the tracks to remove the fields you chose to delete and it will also add the recommended v3.2 tags to your files (if you input this in mpt tag options). Then highlight all files again and select remove tags (it will remove all the tags you chose to remove in options menu). Your done. Good luck. (Note: you want to remove all WMA files from the directory before doing this as it will delete your tags for those files. And its good to save the tags first before deleting the olde ones to make sure you don’t remove the tags before your new tags are in place.

maybe you should bring it back as long as you can. The Fuze+ is a piece of **bleep**.

Flacs? It crashs

Playlists? It crashs, or they don’t work. Or they only work for one sub folder.

Easy way to add lots of files to a playlist? Nope

Easy way to remove files from a playlist? Nope

Videos? If you turn a good video to ■■■■ with the ‘media converter’ - Windows only btw. Or no Video at all. So, no Video at all.

my old e200 based one was better. But of course - Rockbox ran on it.

Fuze+ is a piece of **bleep** and Sandisk should be ashamed. Maybe even sued for wrong advertisement.

So just some corrections.

  1. Flac issue is being investigated since this issue does not occur with all flac files

  2. Playlists that give issues are only m3u playlists and the issue is being investigated. nowhere have i ever read that they claim m3u playlist support

  3. creating playlists using WMP or rhapsody work no issues so there is two easy ways

  4. same as above

  5. SMC is not required for Fuze+ so you can use any video converter you want and there are some out there for non windows systems so there is your solution for video

lawsuit not found. 

@volker wrote:


The Fuze+ is a piece of **bleep**.


 Fuze+ is a piece of **bleep** and Sandisk should be ashamed. Maybe even sued for wrong advertisement.

If you’re not happy with it . . .

  1. Return it.
  2. Get your money back.
  3. Move on.

I can not return it. I waited for the next firmware in hope it would fix the flac and playlist issues.

My bad. Will never buy from sandisk again.

Guess that leaves only #3 then.


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I think you need to lay off of the frijoles refritos there, Bob! :dizzy_face: