Media Software Best With Fuze?

Hi just bought a new black 4 GB Fuze.

I use Jet Audio normally. Best media player EVER. <3

Sadly, it doesn’t work like the way Fuze has everything organized.

Is there a media player (besides WMP!) that works well will Fuze’s folder orignization?

Fuze’s folder organization -----> Artist Folder -------> Album Folder 

I have thousands of the songs. I hate the idea of organizing everything by hand and making thousands of folder. UGHH.

Please post with any that work with this POS. I was told to downgrade to WMP10. I did and was able to load up to 8G. But now I can’t remove any. So, again, if you find something that works, please post.

There are plenty of users using many different applications, let’s see:

There’s Media Monkey, SaCaster, Winamp (with tweaking), Sanse Playlister (yes, spelled with an e), and even the tried and true Windows Explorer.

The navigation tree is a bit different, compared to the iPod, but the Sansa uses ID3 tags to group your music in one happy place.

The ID3 tags are the key to reorganizing genres and multiple files to your hearts desire.  Try MP3Tag, or the Godfather, is it? ID3 tags can be edited in MTP mode with WiMP 11 as well.

If plug and play compatibility is your goal, with playlists, downloads, even ripping your own CDs, I am happy with Rhapsody.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I’m not sure what you mean by the “Fuze’s folder organization”. The Fuze really doesn’t care how you organize your music if you use MSC mode (its been awhile since I used it in MTP mode, but I’m not sure it matters there either).

Its unfortunate that it doesn’t get album art from the tags, but if you’re not so concerned about having specific album art on every song, you can throw as many different songs (from different artists/albums) in a directory as you like.

I use Explorer to put songs on the Fuze in MSC mode, and mp3tag to verify that the song tags are correct (since this is what the Fuze really uses to keep track of artist/album/title). If you use MTP mode (Auto will typically result in MTP mode on Windows), you’ll have to make sure the tags are right before you put them on the Fuze.

JRCROSBY: Just open up the Fuze in Explorer. As long as the Fuze is in the same USB mode that you used to put the songs on there (MTP/MSC/Auto), the folders will show up and you can delete whatever you like.

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I have avoided the album art issue by using Rhapsody.  I’m sure that the abbum art support will be addressed in a future firmware release, since all we need to do is borrow a few lines of code from the e200v2, which is quite happy with the album art.

Album art is easily customized by following the instructions in the SanDisk “how-to” videos, in MSC or MTP mode.

In all, the Fuze is fun so far.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Wow guys, very informative. Anyway, I think im set now. :slight_smile: Thanks for all of your help.

When you first gvet Fuze, the music folder is orginazed.

I thought thats how it stays orginized…

:confused: <3


^Artist Folders


-inside albums, the actual files are there- 

I use foobar2000. It’s a great media player, file tagger, cd ripper/burner, and file converter. Best of all it FREE. It works great with windows xp and windows 7. I have not tried it with vista, so I won’t speak for that, but it’s supposed to be fine. I use it to load up my Fuze in MSC mode. You can transfer playlists as well, because foobar2000 can save playlists as m3u or ext m3u, which the fuze can read. It requires a bit of up-front learning, but there are plenty of online tutorials. Check Hydrogenaudio’s foobar2000 page for info and download links.