What are you guys using to manage your media on the Fuze?

I have a combination of MP3, WMA, and Ogg-Vorbis files on my Fuze. I initially used Winamp to manage the media, but soon experienced tag corruption during transfers, and ultimately extremely slow performance while listing files on the device, to the point where Winamp pretty much became unusable in managing the media on the Fuze.

Because I use MSC mode, I tried simply managing files in Windows Explorer, but Explorer cannot read Vorbis tags, making organizing difficult (especially since my Artist/Album folder hierarchy got all messed up thanks to Winamp).

Currently, I’m using Windows Media Player, which transfers the files properly and reads the Fuze’s media library reasonably quickly. I had to install a plugin for WMP to see my Vorbis files, and another plugin to read Vorbis tags. Unfortunately, the tag reader plugin does not work in the Sync tab, where the Fuze’s library shows up; thus, I can only see filenames for my oggs, making WMP not much better for organizing vs browsing via Explorer.*

What is everyone here using to manage the media on your Fuze? Can anyone recommend a good application that will read all the tags of different file formats in a nice, organized library view? The last thing I want to do is completely rebuild my music library on the Fuze, using proper folder hierarchies and negating the need for a program, but if I can’t find a good solution I may very well have to resort to doing just that…



*or, if anyone knows how to get WMP to read Vorbis tags in Sync view, please let me know as that would solve my problem as well!

A lot of people like  Media Monkey. 

I don’t know in particular about its .ogg tagging, but give it a try.

If you want Media Monkey to rip mp3s, you have to replace the lame_enc.dll that comes with the free version, because it times out. Get it from here, unzip the file, and copy lame_enc.dll to replace the one in C:\Program Files\Media Monkey. 

For tag editing, there’s the beautiful and charming Mp3tag.  Change its default mp3 tagging  (Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg) to Write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

The Fuze is picky about tags, and tags it doesn’t like or embedded art can really slow down its reading.

I use Foobar2000.  It’s not very visually appealing, but it takes almost any format including Vorbis.

Foobar2000 is here.

Thanks for the recommendations. I actually tried foobar2000 a few weeks ago, which was able to list all the media on my Fuze nicely, but could not find an easy way to actually manage it from there. I couldn’t really find a way to delete files from the media library view, nor a section listing how much space I had left on either the Fuze’s internal storage, or on the SD card (or which songs were on which)… if it’s all there and I overlooked it (or if there is a Portables/mp3 player management section), let me know and I’ll check it out again!

I will try out Media Monkey next. Looking at the website it appears to have portable media player management built in, which should be quite useful.

Hope everyone had a happy christmas