What is the deal with Rhapsody?

Help please…i just bought my new Sansa Clip last night.  In the Quick Start guide it says that creating a Rhapsody account is the only way to activate all of the features on the Sansa Clip.  What does this mean?  What features don’t work without a Rhapsody account?  If I had known this I might have bought a different player…can anyone help me understand what “features” won’t work without the Rhapsody account?


The only “Feature” that requires rhapsody is the feature of wasting extra money on a subscription music service. If you already have the music, then all you need is a program to dip CDs to your computer, and then you can use windows explorer to add the music to your player.

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The Rhapsody Optimized Features include:

Rhapsody Channels Automatic updates: You can get types of internet radio stations updated from Rhapsody.

After you play content on the station, its refreshed when you sync up to Rhapsody.

Synchronized Ratings, Add to library and Purchase track options.

Available Scrolling Artist text information from the Rhapsody Library.

And of course you can also place your own ripped content on the player.