Not having any luck

I just got my Sansa player and am looking through the inserts included.  It has some information about installing the “software provided”, but there isn’t any software in the package.  It also says I get 30 days free membership with “no credit card required”, but since there is no disc, not sure how to get this.  My computer isn’t recognizing my player and if I want to install Rhapsody, I need to use a credit card.  I am getting really frustrated and disapppointed.  Is there shoftwar that I am supposed to have included?  The package was completely sealed, so I know that no one tampered with it.  I went to Sansa support website and it tells me I can download the 30 days Rhapsody from there, but again, Rhapsody wants a credit card.  Is this the only way to make my player work?  Please help!

  1. you do not need rhapsody to use the player. but if you want to try it you can download the 30 free trial here. you can use it as a music manager for music that you already own but to use the subscription service you will have to subscribe after the 30 free trial.

  2. if your computer is not recognizing the device there are a few things you will need to look at.

what OS are you using? Win XP SP1 or Win Vista are required for MTP.

Clip Information

From the drop down menu select Clip.

Thank you - I was able to download the 30 day trial but did have to use a credit card, unlike the package said i would need to do.  At any rate - and i apologize for not being so great with these things - I see many topics on using your itunes playlists for Mac computers but how do i get my itunes playlists to work on Windows?  Is this possible?

RealNetworks / Rhapsody shouldn’t bill your credit card until after the 30 day trial is over.  If you decide the service isn’t your cup of tea, no worries, you can just click on My Account and cancel, or better yet, use the live chat function under support.

Rhapsody is very nice with the Sansa products, and allows you to listen and download to their huge library.  You have the option of purchasing any tracks you wish to own, even by selecting the “purchase” function right from the Sansa itself.

Purchased tracks are DRM free 256KBPS MP3 files too, and subscribers get a discount rate.

No matter how you fill your device with music, enjoy your new toy! 

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: