Problem with installation of Music store

Okay so, just bought the Clip.  Put in the Installation CD Version 1.1 so that I could use this program to upload music onto the clip.  It has installed everything until 99% and then I get the following:

The Digital Rights Management components are not downloading…

It asked that I put Rhapsody as a trusted application in my firewall (McAfee).  But it is already a trusted application.  I try to hit the “more information” link but it leads no where or isn’t working. 

I don’t know what to do.  Asked Geek Squad and they said turn off Firewall and Antivirus apps and try.  I did that and still no go.  

A friend suggested that it may be because I have iTunes but I don’t see how that could be a problem.  Anyone have any solutions!!! 

Please Help!!!

This may be the easy answer:  you don’t need that disk or any special software to load music onto your clip.  To load music, you can simply drag and drop, or cut and paste, just as you do on your computer between computer folders–just have the Clip’s folders as where you are dragging and dropping, or cutting and pasting, to.

The disk is only needed if you are subscribing to and using the Rhapsody music subscription service (which has a monthly fee, after your first trial month).

Oh, and if you really want to use a program to transfer music to your Clip:  you can use Windows Media Player as well as many others, such as WinAmp and MediaMonkey, all of which are freeware. 

Thanks for the info about the free sites to get music.  I will have to try those when I get home.  It just irriates me that I can’t download this software stuff.  

Thanks For the Help!

Am happy to help.

But again, remember, Rhapsody and the disk you got for it are not for free music.  Rhapsody is a “subscription” service:  you can listen to all the music they have for as long as you keep on paying the monthly fee; when you stop paying, you are not able to listen to anything from the service, even if you downloaded it earlier.  You start paying after your free trial period (30 days or so).

And the freeware sources I listed are not for free music, either–they are for music players and organizers, another way to transfer music you already have to the Clip.

In my opinion, the easiest way to transfer music to your Clip is the old-fashioned way:  just drag and drop.