rhapsody question...

Hey all, I just got my sansa clip.  I am trying to do the 30 day trial  without credit card info.  As I do try, it keeps asking for my credit card info.  Any suggestion or help out there.  thanks for the help!

Rhapsody wants your credit card info so they can charge you to listen to the music after thirty days.

Rhapsody is not SanDisk. You do not need them to put music on your player. Using Windows Media Player to  Rip music from CDs is a good source.

Rhapsody did not ask for my CC when I used it (BestBuy music store? - even though it was bought at WalMart…hhmnnn) on a 1GB Clip I was initially using.

On the 4GB Clip I switched to, was from CircuitCity, which came with the free offer (trial) from Napster, which *did* ask for CC info…which I quickly closed and said…“nah.”

Rhapsody was decent for me for auditioning some music that I had not heard before, and trying out that first Clip with some tunes that have been some of my faves in the past, but I would not like the subscription thing.  So far on my 4GB Clip, I have kept it clean from any subscription service stuff and have just been filling it with ripped CDs and with some audiobooks that I have in mp3 format already.

It does seem weird that Rhapsody was asking for a CC, as the 30-day trial is supposed to *not* require a CC…it just wants an email for the syncing of the device and an account naming convention, I guess…along with the junk email they probably send out to that email name…ha!  Ah well, there’s always the delete key, eh?