free rhaspody trial

I just got my sansa clip today and tried to use the free trial. The brochure said no credit card needed but when i tried to register it would not let me without a credit card number. Why?

Rhapsody is not Sansa.

Rhapsody is not SanDisk.

I better shut up now.

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Becasue if you read the terms you have to provide cc number and then it is your responsibility to remove thiryt day slater to not be charged. Free my bu__!

As almost all content providers do, they are asking you to set up an account.  This makes the transition to a regular account much easier.

Just try and redeem a “free” iTunes card…hehe.

When I first tried Rhapsody, it was the other way around: I had to enter credit card information to continue, opening two accounts (multiple Sansas).

It’s very easy to cancel your subscription at any time via the customer support link in the Rhapsody client.  The process is the exact opposite of AOL’s process.  Man, now that was an experience, years ago…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: