Wait a minute im confused here

im not understanding this whole rhapsody thing…i dont need a program to DL mp3s, is this the only way to use this device? am i right to assume that i need an account there to use this thing? why can i not open an account without a credit card number?  i dont even see where i can click and drag mp3s onto the memory, which folder is the right one, theres several different ones for album, artist, etc…i already have the mp3s and i dont need them organized. wth?

Open this book, and leaf ahead to the examples using Windows Media Player to load music files to your new device.

The Clip is happy with MP3 or WMA files, as long as the ID3 tag data is included on the file.  Windows Media Player, Media Monkey, Winamp, and others all automatically add ID3 tags for you, as you load your favorite CDs- provided you have a live Internet connection during the ripping session.

You can add downloaded mp3s from various online sources, or even from Rhapsody (they have the biggest available catalog).

The Clip comes with a suggestion to try Rhapsody’s 30-day free trial.  Remember, the credit card will not be billed, you’re just setting up an account, that unlike America Online, is quite easy to cancel if you don’t want to continue with it.

If you download Rhapsody 4, the application will rip your CDs to your device too, just like WiMP or the other options.

For those who may be miffed at the credit card data issue…just try and sample iTunes.  It’s the same ball game, except iTunes will consume your brain through the earbuds.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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THANK YOU! i love this thing now!