What is formatting?

I now have updated firmware installed in my new Fuze, thanks to Tapeworm. His instructions were great. Now I see a section about formatting. Exactly what is that and is it necessary? Thanks!! Judy

Judy - 

Glad to hear you were able to update the f/w successfully. I knew you could do it. :wink:

Formatting basically erases everything from the memory, giving you a clear slate to start over with, It does not however, erase the firmware or any necessary operating files; only content that you have put on. This is useful if you ever want to delete everything on the player; you can do it in one fell swoop, rather than a few files at a time.

Also, for some un-explained reason, every once in a while your files can get corrupted. Sometimes formatting is the only way to ‘clear it’s throat’ so to speak. So make sure all of your music files are backed up on your computer. Some people even like to back-up their computer’s hard drive with another drive, just to be doubly-sure they don’t lose anything.

If you’re experiencing no problems, then there’s no need to format. But is case you do, the Fuze has an on-board FORMAT function in the SETTINGS menu so it will format itself. Pretty painless. :smiley:

And many thinks again, Tapeworm!!! Since the only thing I had on my Fuze was some music I didn’t want anyway, I went right to format and that took care of my next question (which was how to delete). Now on to the next step…seeing how to drag and drop once I can find how to get Sansa onto the music page so there is somethng to drop into. Judy

Just open 2 Windows Explorer panes; one with your MY MUSIC folder/directory on your computer in it, and the other with your Fuze’s MUSIC folder. It’s easiest to do this (I think) in MSC mode.

In Windows XP, you can go to the green START button > My Computer, then look under Devices with Removable Storage alongside your other external drives (like CD or DVD). In MSC, you’ll see your Fuze and the external memory card slot identified as 2 separate drives. Double-click on the Fuze icon, and then you’ll be in what’s called the ‘root directory’.

You can just leave it here and drag over folders from the other Explorer pane containing the music on your computer. The MUSIC folder is your ‘target’.

Easy-Peasy Lemon-Squeezy! :smileyvery-happy:

For transfers, you can do this in one Explorer pane if you simply click on the folders button, then expand the tree on the left side of the window.

Your drag-and-drop target will be on the left of the screen, rather than having overlapping windows or sizing issues.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: