Formatting the Fuze

Hi everyone.  I am a little confused with the Format command. I just bought a sansa fuze and it has music on it that I don’t want.  If I format it, willPozycjonowaniejust the music be deleted or will all the other info also be deleted like the headings music, settings, etc …

Or is that stuff part of a bios chip of some sort?

Also, Is there a way to transfer all of the music on my old c250 directly to the new fuze by plugging them both into the computer usb?

Which program works best with the fuze?  I have Media Monkey Gold, but it never played any of the music on the old c250 even though it would transfer from my PC to the 250 ok, it just couldn’t play the music files. ( in either mode)  Winamp did play the files, but it had more module windows than I liked and I’m still willing to buy a good software.  I tried the Magix software on my old 250 but that couldn’t play the music either… I don’t really understand all this well and hoped someone could help.

thanks in advance.

Format just wipes off added content. The firmware is elsewhere.So go ahead.

The easiest way to transfer files is in MSC mode, which makes the Fuze look like your basic flash drive to your computer.

Settings/System Settings/USB Mode/MSC.

Connect the C250, find the files, copy them over–into the Music folder, a new folder you can name, or just about anywhere except Photos, Videos, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Temp.

They should play UNLESS you bought them from places that added DRM, Digital Rights Misery, which requires that they be sent through a media player in the other mode, MTP.  Just try a few as an experiment to see if they work–if not, ask here.

If Media Monkey couldn’t play your files, it must have been missing a codec–coder-decoder, the software that tells it how to read the files. That codec must be included in Winamp.

Get the free Gspot Codec Information software and see what they are: mp3, wma, .ogg, etc.

If you like Media Monkey otherwise you could check its help files or user forums about that codec. Google can help.

BTW, you can easily make Winamp modules disappear just by right-clicking on it and un-checking them.