Format Fuze?

The manual talks about formatting the Fuze. What does formatting get rid of, and what’s left? For instance do the containers for music, podcasts etc. remain, or are they deleted?

I formatted once. Basically it returns your Fuse to its original condition when you bought it. However, it will erase all the preloaded songs, pics, and video. Yes the containers all still there for the podcasts, music, etc… but the contents will not be.

Formatting your fuze does basically the same thing as formatting a computer hard drive does… Erase Everything… If you use the fuze’s internal format option it gets rid of all the files but leaves the firmwire and operation files. All the file folders should stay if you use the fuzes internal format. NEVER EVER FORMAT USING WINDOWS UNLESS SOMEBODY FROM SANSA TECH SUPPORT TELLS YOU TO!

Much fine thanks - that’s exactly what I needed to know!

Thinking of trying this with my.  Please reassure me that this worked and the folders are still there.