What causes Album/Artist/Song truncation?

I have some language learning files.  They now show up in order except for 5 or 6 files which have a truncated album name.  I went through the various tag editors I have and they look the same as any other files.

Does anyone have any idea what causes this?  I’ve had issues with album art on other Sansa players, but this one screws up where I can find files.  I don’t mind fixing these, but I’d like to know why this is happening so I CAN try to fix it.

From what I can tell the sport will display 24 characters for album and artist fields but it will only sort the files based off the first 8 characters. 

the title field seems to have a bit more and it will display 52 characters and sort based off the first 16. 

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I wish that were the case.  There were 113 files.  All but six had “Oxford Take off in Italian” for the album name and six had “Oxford Take” for the album name.  

The Tag editors I use all said the same thing for album name for the six that had “Oxford Take” and the others that had the full name.  So I’m totally mystified why the Sport is doing that.