Artists/Albums names cut off


I recently bought a Clip Jam and I have one annoying bug. Some artists and albums names are cut off due to a 12 characters restriction. I dont actually mind actually, 12 characters is enough to find your artist or your album. But this restriction doesnt really work: sometimes the names are displayed completely, sometimes they are not. Sometimes both (the annoying part). For instance, if I take the Depeche Mode album called “Some Great Reward” I have now two albums displayed in my Clip Jam

  • Some Great R
  • Some Great Reward (which contains two songs)
    I have also the problem with some artists like Nine Inch Na/Nine Inch Nails
    In this situation it becomes quite hard to listen an album from A to Z.
    Has anyone got the same trouble? Is there any solution?

Thanks you in advance.

Me !

I own an old clip+ and it can read long name, today i bought a jam for my wife and i’m very sad to see that restriction !!!

On Monday the player returns to the reseller, it’s a very bad product !

This is a correct analysis of the album & song title display limitations of the Clip Jam and Clip Sport devices from SanDisk.

Also, you should observe the folder names / album titles will start to scroll after 2 secs to reveal more of the titles.

My personal decision has been to devise folder and album title naming schemes that abbreviate these titles to something useful for me.  I am willing to make these extra efforts for naming my folders and album titles after I decided I really enjoy using this handy, good sounding and economically priced device.

For example here are some suggestions for naming some albums by Nine Inch Nails

          9IN-Hesitation       9IN-Year Zero        9IN-The Slip          9IN-Recoiled          9IN-Things Falling

    You could decide to try these kinds of abbrevations for folder names and album titles in the ID3 tags.


My sansa clip jam is returned to the reseller :frowning:
I will buy an old sansa clip+

@mikegyver42 wrote:

My sansa clip jam is returned to the reseller :frowning:
I will buy an old sansa clip+


Hi all, this was really bugging me, but I figured it out. You need to use an mp3 tag editor to update the tags. I’m using EasyTag, which is available for Linux and Windows. But, you could probably use something else. There is a list here.

In EasyTag, here’s what I did:

  • find the album, select all tracks
  • go the field for Album title, add a space or any random character at the end (or anywhere really), then click the icon on the right to apply the change
  • change the Album title back to what it was, and click the icon on the right to apply the change
  • save the changes (there is an icon for this on the top, or you can select File > Save Files)

I just verified this with a bunch of albums on my newly purchased Clip Jam. The titles/names will cut off they’re extremely long, but they’re not cutting off at 12 characters anymore. Hope that helps.

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I was unable to overcome the 12 character album title limit according to your instructions using the tool Mp3Tag.

Also, there seems to be an 24 character limit for track titles, which is not enough for my audiobooks.