What about Folder View?

I have a request. The last player I had was a Fuze and it has a software feature called “folder view”.

It was very useful and I hope the next update will include this. Also, support for audio_books simlar to that of the fuze. 

The e280 is not very good for use with audio-book (switching back and forth). Never keeps my place like the fuse did. 

Anyone know why? 


E280 is EOL already. I doubt if they will release new update for it.

The e200 was discontinued more than 2 years ago. There’s virtually NO chance Sandisk will release another update.

I have made my audiobooks into MP3s, edit the ID3 tag info and numbered each file succesively and placed them into one folder. I copy that folder into the music folder with the genre set to audiobook and mine plays flawlessly. It will even remember where I was the last time I played that book when I’ve played some songs and go back to the same title.

There won’t be any more firmware updates for the e200 series players. As mentioned it’s ‘ancient history’.

Rockbox has that feature.