Where is the latest firmware?

I have a Fuze+, and my current firmware is 02.38_06A, which is apparently not the latest, since I can’t browse folders. All I could find so far on this site was 02.38_06, which sounds older to me. I presume that if I overwrote my firmware with that, it would make matters worse!

Firmware version 02.38.06 IS the most recent firmware update, even though it came out almost 2 years ago now. The ‘A’ at the end merely indicates you have selected North America as your Region; it is not a newer f/w version.

Folder Browsing was added in this update; look at the bottom of the Music menu for this option.

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Thanks, I found it. But in that menu, I don’t see any audiobooks, just music.

That’s why its called the Music menu. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe audio books are under Podcasts on the Fuze+. The folder browsing feature only works on files placed in the Music folder though, if I recall correctly. So your only 2 options as I see it, is to either edit the ID3 tags on your audio books to get them to display and/or play in the correct order using the database menus, or move them to the Music folder.

In Podcasts - if you put the files for the chapters of the book into their own folder, you will see the books as folders. Centre tap to open the folder to view the chapters.

You can’t delete the folders from the Fuze+ though, only the individual chapters. To delete a folder and it’s contents you need to do it via your computer. 

im havinhg an issue with my mp3 player it wont turn on under any circumstancfes 

ecactly what i am gboing through, what a joke right what am i to do about it though

@nikkiebabydoll wrote:

im havinhg an issue with my mp3 player it wont turn on under any circumstancfes 


I fail to see how your issue has to do with the subject of this thread. :confounded:

You should try resetting the player by pressing and holding the power button down for 20-30 secs. (don’t guess, count it out or use a clock/watch). Release the power button, then press it again momentarily to turn it on. It should start up normally.

If it doesn’t, create a new message here, rather than tagging onto another thread that is irrelevant to your situation. Give full and complete details about your player and what you are having a problem with. This will get you the quickest and most helpful responses. :wink: