Reasons to keep my Sansa Fuze?

So I went ahead and bought the 8 GB Fuze at Costco with their black Friday coupon.  Costco had a great price but for only a few days, so I picked up the player knowing that I could easily return it during the 3 month return period. 

I haven’t opened the packaging on the player just to make the return process easier.  I already have an E200, and I’m debating whether to keep this player or return it and wait until a better player is carried locally at Costco.

I use my E280 (which I also bought at Costco) almost exclusively for Netlibrary and Overdrive audiobooks, checked out from the public library.  My interest is in bookmarks, which the Fuze currently only semi-supports.

So, everyone

Why should I keep this player?  Or should I wait for something better?

Thanks for insight.

If your main interest is audio books, I’d keep the Fuze.

  1. It’s better at managing audio books than the e200 series and . . .
  2. Although still not perfect, the development team are actively trying to improve the bookmarking funtions. In fact, there is a new firmware update due to be released very soon that may include some of these improvements.
  3. There will be NO further updates to the e200 series firmware. None, nada, el-zippo! That’s means you’ve got a snowball’s chance in a very warm spot of your e200 ever coming even remotely close to what the Fuze already offers.

I like the e200 series. A lot! In fact I prefer it to the Fuze . . . _ but _ I’m not concerned with audio books. You are, so your needs are different. :wink:

e200 bookmarking: resumes the last played, and only the last played.

Fuze bookmarking: resumes the last played of each and every podcast and audiobook (as long as they’re stored correctly as podcasts/audiobooks, respectively).  I have the e200 and it’s a pain for OverDrive Media audiobooks, not allowing one to browse away from content, return again and resume playing at the last listened-to place.  The Fuze also disables skip to next/previous track when you briefly press FF/REW.  This is a spoken-word feature (and I think the Clix 2 also allows setting like this), so that you don’t accidentally skip and lose your place completely when fast-forwarding or reversing.

Downsides to Fuze bookmarking:

  1. Not truly bookmarking, in that it doesn’t allow manual setting of bookmarks (e.g., you might want several identifiable bookmarks in one audiobook, like a language learning book).  You only get one “bookmark,” a resume point where you left off.

  2. Doesn’t find the part in the audiobook, like if you have a 10-part audiobook and you left off listening at Part 7, you have to remember that file and play that (and it then asks you if you want to resume).  Sandisk has stated they will be fixing this in a future firmware update.

I rarely used the e200 for audiobooks, because I wasn’t a serial book listener (I liked to intersperse llistening to other content, like music or podcasts).  Now that I’ve converted to Rockbox, I can switch content by listening to one audiobook on the e200’s original firmware (OF), and everything else on Rockbox.  When I boot back to the OF, it resumes the audiobook properly.

If you only listen to one audiobook at a time and don’t intersperse listening to other content, and rarely ff or rev such that you accidentally skip to the next or prev track, and don’t care about on-player deletion (which the Fuze has but the e200 doesn’t) then the e200 is fine for you.  It has the advantage of a replaceable battery, and it’s very durable and its few pattern failures are fixable.  For video, the e200 has a little smaller screen, and the viewing orientation is landscape.

A question: your local library supports both NetLibrary and OverDrive?  Is this common?  Mine only supports OverDrive. 


I live in the Seattle area.  I don’t know if it’s a common occurrence in other locations, but my library supports both NetLibrary and Overdrive.