Resuming at the same point

Unlike most people my Fuze is used almost exclusively for MP3 books. Occassionally I switch over to the FM radio (when mowing the lawn for instance). I would like to be able to start my book where I left off before I switched over to the radio without having to write down where I was in the book. Does anyone know a way to do this?


Are your books tagged “Audiobook”, or copied into the “Audiobooks” folder on the Fuze?  Unless your firmware is really out of date, that functionality is built-in if your player knows it’s dealing with an audiobook selection (do you access your books via the Music > Audiobooks menu item?) 

If your firmware is out-of-date, look at the sticky note on the top of the Fuze forum & update it.  My husband’s Fuze came without this functionality and I updated its firmware using the manual method - it’s not difficult to do. 

You might want to try Rockbox software for your fuze (if version 1 or 2, but not yet for +).  With it you can have multiple bookmarks for each file.  You can get Rockbox and manual (both are free) from “” (just google rockbox).

I have used Rockbox for my 8GB fuze for more than a year.  I mostly use my fuze for listening to old radio MP3s and skip around from series to series and the outstanding Rockbox bookmarks allow me to go back to where I left off on any number of radio programs.  Also, you can have any number of bookmarks for a single file, and you can scroll through the bookmarks to find the one you want.

The rockbox forum is very active and can usually answer any questions you might have. In fact, if you search the forums you can usually find all the questions you might have already answered!


I agree with you rockbox forum is very active, I always receive accurate answers from moderators. :wink:

Just, here to cosign, I agree Rockbox is a much better firmware for your Sansa Fuze. Give it a go.