Bookmarking audiobooks

I’ve registered just to ask this question, since the search function didn’t come up with a workable solution.

I mainly use the Fuze for lectures and audiobooks, many of which are single MP3 files of up to 10 hours long.

It’s impossible to remember where I was, and even if I use a little post-it (it is tragic that to use the Sandisk technology one has to resort to scribbling on notes) to remember the various places of interest, it’s a real drag to fast-forward to say, the 7h35m mark.

Is there seriously no proper bookmarking function on this thing?  If indeed not (and PLEASE don’t give me the standard reply that the Fuze has a resume function, that’s obvious - and it’s great, but not what I am in need of).

I’ve also read a few mentions of ‘manual bookmarking’, but can’t find how that is done.  If SanDisk really doesn’t want to implement this function, I’d like to find out how to do this manually.

Thanks all.

(NB I’ve got the .31 firmware)

goto system settings-audibooks-chapters

There is no bookmarking feature on the Fuze, just an autoresume feature.

Rockbox will allow manual bookmarking, assuming your Fuze is compatible with it:

It’s a 3rd-party firmware that is installable on (only) the older version 1 Fuze. It has its own way of doing things, so expect to spend some time to RTFM and get used to the interface.

Have you considered just chopping the mp3 into smaller files? There are lots of freeware mp3 splitters, you could save some time fast-forwarding at least.

Chopping seems to be the best way, but obviously it’s an annoyance that it’s even necessary!

In reply to the others: Audiobook chaptering doesn’t do anything useful for my huge mp3 files.  But I will certainly check out the RockBox firmware, I have the correct version of the Fuze.

Cheers all.

And to Sandisk: PLEASE add bookmarking of audiofiles!  I’m a programmer, and if you can resume perfectly (which we know the Fuze does), it’s an easy addition to throw in a few bookmarks.

I don’t know if youve tried this, but edit the genre field of your mp3 audiobooks, changing it to audiobook or even podcast.  With these genres, the Sansa will handle the files differently, offering automatic resume from your ending point.

The Fuze does have a unique manual bookmarking function, but most users never run into it.  There is a video bookmark function, quite handy.  This is in addition to the automatic resume function.  Thus, it is indeed possible to add a manual bookmarking function for audio files, but this hasn’t been implemented.

I openly support such a function, as I feel it would be quite popular.

Post your opinions in the Product Feature Suggestionsforum page.  It’s good to see some activity there as well.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: