Weird Clip+ Playlist behavior: Newest playlist overwrites music information in earlier playlists


I recently purchased a Clip+ and am using it with Rhapsody music service, both as a source of music for the player and to transfer and manage the files on the Clip+. I’m using the Clip+ in MTP mode (because the alternative mode would not let the Rhapsody music be played on the Clip+ – constant errors of need to “update media license” or something like than, even though all music is “licensed,” can be burned, etc. I also had the same problem when I tried to use Windows Media Player to transfer “licensed” music to the Clip+, regardless of USB mode. So, for now, I’m sticking with MTP and Rhapsody as the music manager.). Most files are WMA; a few are MP3.


Here’s the issue: I’ve created several playlists on the Clip+ using the Rhapsody interface. The playlists all look fine in Rhapsody: you can see the playlist and the files that are included it. However, when viewed later on the Clip+, whatever is the most recently created playlist seems to overwrite the file information of the earlier playlists. The playlists continue to have their different filenames on the Clip+, but the music files of the most recent playlist replace the music lists of the earlier playlist – but only when viewed and attempted to be played on the Clip+, not when viewed in (or played from) Rhapsody or viewed in Windows Explorer. So, the information for the earlier playlists seems to still be stored on the Clip+, but can’t be read correctly by the Clip+. Which means of course, that the earlier playlists are useless – they all become the newest playlist.


I’ve tried this several times (creating additional “new” playlists) and each time have gotten the same result. So it’s not some kind of one-time fluke.


Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Any recommendations on other non-Microsoft software for creating/managing playlists?