Adding Playlists to Clip+...?

So, I’ve been using the Rhapsody program to load all of my music to the 2GB Clip+ that I just got. I have a 16GB card that is 10MBs from being full. I’d like to add playlists to my Clip+, but for some reason it adds the songs on the playlists like as if they were a whole new mp3 file. How do I make the playlists reference the music that’s already on the Clip+? Am I misinterpreting something here or does it actually add the songs from the playlists as new mp3 files?

With some googling and a little experimentation, I found an alternative way to make playlists for the Clip+ that take up virtually no space , at least in Windows Vista anyway. Not sure how it would work in other operating systems. But, for those of you who are interested to know, here it goes:

1) Connect your Clip+ to the computer.

2) Open " My Computer"/" Computer".

3) Double click on the Sansa Clip+.

4) Depending on where you have your music stored, double click either " External uSD Card" or " Internal Memory". I believe the playlist can be stored in either one, but don’t quote me on that.

5) Go into the " Music" folder.

6) Now, go into whatever album folder has the song you want to start with, right click that song (or group of songs), and select " Create Playlist". It will create a new playlist with those songs in it.

7) Rename your playlist to whatever you want to call it, but make sure that the name still has the .pla extension at the end of it.

8) Double click the newly created playlist. A list of songs that are in the playlist should appear. Move this dialog box off to the side or somewhere where it will always be visible no matter what dialog box you select.

9) Now go through all of your music in the " Music" folder and left-click and drag each song that you want to be on the playlist into the playlist dialog box. There are buttons at the bottom of the playlist dialog box that allow you to reorder the songs however you like or delete songs you don’t want on it.

10) After you’re done putting all the songs you want on the playlist, close the playlist dialog box by clicking " OK" and cut and paste the playlist into the " Playlists" folder, which will be in the same folder as the " Music" folder.

The good thing about this method is that it doesn’t make duplicates of the song files that are already on your Clip+. Instead, it references the song files on your Clip+ which means it takes up virtually no space. Haven’t had any problems whatsoever with this method so far. The playlists play how they should and there is no delay between songs.

Some Tips when selecting songs to add to the playlist:

Ctrl + Alt will select all items in a folder.

Clicking one item , holding Shift , and clicking another item will select both of those items AS WELL AS all the items between the two.

You can hold Ctrl to select or deselect multiple items individually.

Hope this helps! If anyone doesn’t understand something in these instructions or has any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


I haven’t experimented with this a whole lot, so I don’t know if there are alternatives ways to edit the playlist, but I noticed that once you’ve put the playlist in the “Playlists” folder and disconnected your Clip+, if you reconnect your Clip+ and reopen the playlist, the playlist dialog box doesn’t display any song files. I think this means that once you’ve moved the playlist to the “Playlists” folder and disconnected your Clip+, you cannot edit your playlist. So, make sure you’ve got all of the songs you want on the playlist before making those final steps because you may not be able to edit it. Again, I haven’t experimented with this a whole lot yet, so there may be an alternative way to edit the playlist. Maybe if you add songs to the empty dialog box it will add those songs to the already made playlist. If not, I assume it would just turn the playlist into a playlist with only those songs that you added. I don’t know, I have to mess around with it some more. I will update this once I find out.

I am having the same problem.  It’s driving me crazy.  I used to use Napster, but it changed to Rhapsody and I can’t remember my password info due to getting a new computer.  So I tried to use windows media and I can’t update the playlists.  I think I might just have to buy a new  clip. :womansad:

Update:  I tried Media Monkey and couldn’t make heads or tails of it, so I deleted it off my computer.  Then i tried the free version of media Jukebox.  I love it.  It is so much simpler than trying to use Windows Media Player.  The songs don’t go on again every time I sync.  Only the ones that aren’t on the clip yet.  Just like it should be.  And it syncs very quickly.