when adding 2nd playlist in rhapsody 1st one gets renamed?

I am trying to add playlists to a clip. When I add a new one in rhapsody and add songs to it, load into the clip, disconnect from pc, allow the clip to process changes then goto playlist only one is there and the old playlist is renamed to the new name but no new songs?

This is in the for the clip in the playlist under sources.


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I’m having the same problem.  Have you heard of a solution?


First, let’s look at your Rhapsody client version.  Go to Help > About while in the Rhapsody screen.  What is your version?

Playlists work fine on the Clip (I have two plugged in at the moment), by creating a playlist test, and adding to an existing playlist (renamed to the same name for the test).  I am currently running the version.  The new version is out (with new Fuze support).

When I updated to 4.0.610, the tree structure listed for the Clip changed.  The playlists show up as a drop down tree as:

Sansa Clip 2GB

   + Channels

   + Playlists

         Sample Playlist 1

         Sample Playlist 2

To build a new playlist, click Playlists in the Mixer pane in the lower left of the screen.  At the bottom of this pane, “New” can be pressed to build and name a new list. 

For this test, I built a new list, and a second playlist with new songs, which I dragged and dropped over the original on the device.  It appears to be working fine.

What is your Rhapsody version?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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How we created the playlist was under the playlist on the clip. This caused the problems. When we create a playlist down by the mixer pane and drag and drop in the playlist on the clip everything works great. Not sure why probably a software glitch that the programmer never thought to check.

Rhapsody verision is the most current.

Using latest Firmware?


Aha! Is it your GoList that is getting hijacked?

Be suspicious of Windows Media Player (Rhapsody uses some functions of WiMP, as it pipes DRM files to your device). I had an interesting glitch about a month ago: WiMP literally stole my Rhapsody Channels and turned them into playlists.

The result was that Rhapsody could no longer access them. The R4 client saw playlists, and no Channels, even though I could play them from the Clip.

I wasn’t using an active GoList at the moment, but if I recall, WiMP suddenly had a GoList in the library.

Try the combination of reinstalling the firmware on your Sansa: the beauty of the Clip is that it behaves like a hermit crab, taking the new firmware file from the root directory, and reinstalling the firmware quite transparently, without affecting your music files. See if a new copy of the firmware helps, as in my particular case, WiMP goofed up the wee Clip’s file structure. I had duplicate Music and Rhapsody file folders, among other things.

It’s a great idea to always back up your music files on the PC, or at least have easy access to them, so that in times of frustration, you can always perform a quick format and start on a clean slate.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: