Water recovery??

I managed to drop my Sansa Clip Zip in a cup of water the other day.  I immediately fished it out and tried to shake the water out. It was still showing the display for a while, but then it started to break up.  When I got home, I immediately put it into a bag of silicone crystals (works as well or better than rice).  So far, though, I’m not seeing any recovery. 

Anyone know any more tricks?  I’ve only had the thing for about a month!  Hate to buy another one! 


PS: There was a tiny slot in the plastic case, near the power button…I tried inserting a pin in there, in case it was a reset, then I tried prying te plastic apart to check on a battery, but I couldn’t get it apart…

The best thing to do:  let it dry out for many days and only try turning it back on once you are sure that it has dried out completely–turning it on when still damp or wet can fry it out.