Rinsed, Dried and Working - the incredible Clip +


First time on this forum, so I won’t keep it short :smiley:. On to my story - yesterday I accidently left my Sansa Clip+ in my pants and put it in the washing machine. After a few minutes, I heard a rumbling in in the washing machine, something like a rock dancing about and hitting the walls of the machine. I checked my pants hoping it might be some loose change, but to my shock it was my lovely Clip+ instead. Me and my Clip+ have been inseparable ever since I bought it as a replacement for the ipod touch I lost. Moreover, the ‘Rockboxed’ Clip+ is absolutely pure bliss.

I took the wet device out of the wash and checked for extent of damage. Seemed like nothing happened. Since I knew I wasnt supposed to start it, I resisted the urge with all my strength. I knew ambient temprature was best to dry the player, so I kept in a slightly cool corner where there was a little sunlight. In the evening when I checked, I found that the player looked dry. So I thought I should give it a try. I tried the ‘On’ button and there was no response. Maybe the battery got drained out so I put it for recharge. Thats when I noticed a little moisture on the display. Depair! I did a little research on the Sansa Forums and other places. Based on this, I buried the clip+ in some uncooked rice and left it for 12 hours (I was too impatient to see if it worked).  When I took out the player, it still didnt turn on, so put it on recharge- and voila - the devilish green came up again! Still the player had low battery and I left it to re-charge. I checked after an hour and the Clip+ was as fine a fiddle! I’m listening to it as I’m writing here.

I dont know how long the Clip+ will keep up 'cos I expect some sort of damage as I havent cleaned it inside. But, nevertheless, I’m really impressed. For me Clip+ really is the *best* player on the planet. Thanks to all in the forums, who put up their solutions and experiances. Really worked out for me.

Warm Regards,

Despite your understandable impatience to check whether the player still worked, Congratulations!    :slight_smile: