My Sansa Clip was in the washer and well..

So, my Sansa clip, 2GB, was in the washer cause of my brother. This happend three years ago, so in my case, I didn’t know what to do or where to turn to till now(I know, pretty dumb of me…) Now, I’m attempting to try and get it fixed. I called support, and they didn’t help at all. I have the original conecter and cd-drive. The thing is, my Sansa clip won’t turn on, but when I charge it on the computer, it’ll say charge for like a second, then say “Writing” on it. After that, the “Writing” process freezes up. On my laptop screen, it usually says detecting usb files when connected with MP3 and such, but it said MTC not found. SO I tried all the solutions; from unistalling and reinstalling, unplugging it and try using a different USB charger, try formatting it on my computer, try charging on another computer, and all have failed. So, I opened the back now, which was a hassle, and now I don;t know what to do. All I know is that the condition on the outside is fine and the screen and LED are fine. I don’t know if it’s the Lithium-Polymer battery or not, but I assume it’s something else. If anyone can help, it be super awesome! 

The inside of the player looks okay? You don’t see any residue on the circuit board? Did you try sliding the power slider to the down position, then holding the center button while connecting the player?

The battery might be damaged, or perhaps one of the wires from the battery disconnected?

Did the player go through the dryer as well as the washer? If so, then the heat may have done the worst damage. It could be that some chips on the player are fried, or the heat damaged the battery.

I guess there isn’t much left to do, except perhaps clean the USB connector on the player (perhaps the detergent left a film on the contacts?).

Perhaps you should wait for a sale on the Clip+ and get one of those. Refurb 4GB Clip+ players are sometimes as low as around $18, and new ones on sale are as low as $30. The Clip+ has a card slot, so you can add a low priced microSDHC card.

As an electronics engineer, my guess would be that it is either still slightly damp, and/or the battery is now damaged.

Try drying it on a radiator for at least 24 hours, to ensure all traces of moisture are removed. If it is the battery then you are going to have to try to get a replacement battery for it. I’ve never opened mine so I don’t know what kind it is. You have obviously already done that, so see if there is anything on that is equivalent.

It will need to be the same physical dimensions, the same voltage, and the same chemistry as well. It must be the same chemistry because charging profiles will be different for different types. Replacing it with a different chemistry could be dangerous, i.e. fires, so make sure you get it right!

Good luck!

After _ 3 years _ you want to try and revive a player that went for a swim in the washing machine?


That’s a good one!

Dispose of it responsibly (recycle) and buy another player. If you didn’t address the issue at the time 3 years ago, the soap ■■■■ and minerals in the water have done a number of the sensitive electronic components & circuitry inside by now. Even if you had done something about it right away, you’d only have a 50/50 chance of salvaging it after a soaking like that. Ignoring it and leaving it to rust for 3 years brings your possibility of revival and/or proper operation down to approximately 0%.

Well, you could try washing it out completely with distilled water, to try to get the crud out; then let the player dry in a warm place, for many days; and then try it. I give it a 15% chance, tho . . . . :wink:

HaHa.  I dropped mine in the toilet.  Grabbed it really quick and its just fine.

TMI! :dizzy_face:

That’s just T M I ! :dizzy_face: