washed my clip +.... still works!!

just wondering if anyone else experienced this. i accidentally put my clip + through a full cycle. took ut out, and it ddnt work at all. plugged it into my wall charger, and it turned on, but only for about 5 mins. i could see all my music on it, so i decided to upload it to my free 5gb of cloud on amazon, and i did it, but i didnt finish. but when i unplugged it, it was working again! i got severral days of usage out of it, but one day it ddnt turn on again. so, i decided to finish uploading onto cloud. when i unplugged it, sure enough, it was workiing again! no, the battery was not low. since then, ive had no problems whatsoever. i also washed my skullcabdy hd sound canceling earbudds. thse work too! no loss of sound quality!

i just want to give sansa a big kudos for building such a durarble device!

also, would an electrician or someone pkease explain how this is possible? ive ruined countless phone by washing, but im just dumbfounded at how this still works!!!

Confucious say, “Don’t mess with success!”

Or " Yours is not the reason why, yours is but to do and hope it don’t die!"