Water on Sansa Clip!

I was washing my jacket for about 30 seconds in water when I realized my Sansa Clip was in my pocket. It worked and I dried it up. I was a complete idiot and I plugged it back in my computer for it to charge up since half the battery was gone. (not from the water). Now it won’t turn on after it froze when I disconnected it from my computer. Anyone help please?

uh oh. allow it to dry some more. a week maybe?

anymore help plzzzz

I know you can’t remove the battery, but you could try some of these suggestions. Personally I would try the alcohol method, since I think it is close to dead anyway…  Best of luck.

What’s the alchohol method?

Put the clip in a jar full of rice, close the jar and leave it there for some days.
It worked for my phone :wink:

What’s the alchohol method?

Did you make the effort of reading the link I posted?? :wink: Admitted, you have to scroll the page down…

  • The thing with putting it in a jar of rice is there too.

I don’t know how to remove the battery and after I took it out of the water I tried to chsrge it (i’m an idiot) so I probably fried it… **bleep** it


The battery cannot be removed from the Clip.

If you charged it or turned it on after it being submereged, and it doesn’t turn on after letting it dry out, then it is probably toast. Sorry :cry:

Is there anyway I can still retrieve all my songs and put them back on my computer since I deleted them from my computer.

That will I can put them on a new mp3 I will be getting shortly.

If the Clip won’t start or connect to you computer, no.

If the Clip won’t start or connect to your computer, no.

Its working now!!!

It likely had not yet fully dried out.  Quite candidly, if I were you, I’d give it an extra few days. 

And once you get it working, copy the songs back to your PC.  And leave them there.  Unless you really have a tiny number of songs and you don’t care about losing them, it makes no sense to depend on an MP3 player for storing your music library.