I was wondering about the warranty. I’ve only had my Fuze since Christmas, and it’s already broken. I take good care of my electronics, but when I went to listen to my music, the port for the headphones was broken. If there is a warranty, what would be the necessary course of action to have my Fuze repaired or replaced?

First, see if you can return it for another where you bought it from. This will be the easiest & quickest. If not, then contact SanDisk for an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization). You’ll need to set up an E-box acct (like e-mail). They will give you (via the e-box) a link to go to and print out a pre-paid shipping label that you attach to the package when you send it back. When they receive it, they then will send you a replacement.

This can take a couple weeks, so if possible use ‘Plan A’. :wink:

Indeed, the warranty is for one full year.  Register your Sansa via the SanDisk logo in the upper left on the screen.

This one:

Click on Support,   then this button:

Register your new Sansa, and open an eBox account.  When you click on the eBox link after registering, you’ll get a cool listing of all your devices, and any correspondence for them.  You should see my page, I have a whole gaggle of the wee beasties.

If you contact SanDisk support via telephone, the assistant on the line can refer to your information instantly.  You can also update the status on a returned device.  Service is much faster via the eBox.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: