Sansa Fuze + Warrenty?

The audio jack port for my Sansa Fuze plus is broken, i plug in plug out when im at a computer, and one time it was hard to get it in. When i finally did plug it in there was no sound what so ever! It is broken beyond repair, is there like a warrenty for this? i checked the website and it says it has a one year warrenty for people in america. i got this for christmas, can i still get a warrenty?

Depends on which Christmas you got it for; the one 3 weeks ago or a year and 3 weeks ago.

If it was the one just past, I would explain to the gift-giver what happened and find out where they purchased it. You may be able to exchange it locally and over-the-counter.

If it was purchased on-line or not at a store near you, you can still contact SanDisk Tech Support (calling is by far the best way) and they can arrange to have a replacement unit sent to you. If you live in the US, they normally pay the return shipping on the defective one too via a downloadable pre-paid shipping label you just print out and attach to the package. Then just drop it off at your nearest UPS store and it’s on it’s way.