warranty replacement questons

I just got an RMA for my fuze, and I have two questions:

How long does it typically take for the replacement to arrive?

Will I get a new unit or will they send me my same unit back (assuming they can repair it)?

(btw I did quite a few searches for this info and suprisingly couldn’t find it elsewhere.)


Kinda depends on where you live, where you have to ship it to, how busy they are (luckily it’s not the after-Christmas rush), and various other aspects.

But generally a few weeks allowing for shipping times.

You will get a new unit. It’s not cost-effective (for SanDisk) to repair them. Your returned one will get thrown in a pile (not literally) with others and sold off in bulk to re-furbers, who will then do what they can with it and in turn sell it to a place like Woot, Froobi, Buy, Newegg or other places that deal in re-furbed products and it will eventually make it into the hands of another; maybe working properly, maybe not.

Best of luck with your new one! :smiley: