Beware RMAs!

Beware!  If you have to return a Sansa product, you may not ever see it again.  I’ve been waiting for my return since March.  Though the support team is very nice on the phone, they keep putting me off.  They claim UPS told them I received the product when I never did.  I don’t know who’s lying UPS or SanDisk.

Did they give you a UPS tracking number? You can check the status yourself.

I’ve never had a problem with SanDisk’s RMA process. I’ve recieved 3 replacements so far(a small percentage of my Sansas:smiley:), and all of them arrived within a week.

I’ve returned my gf’s twice now, and receiving the third one.  I’ve done it through the EBox login to enter in the RMA_Support information.  Sure you have to wait a few days, go through the process, but once the receive the defective unit, the new one has shown up 2 days later.  It’s been a frustrating situation, but they’ve been a great help.