Does My Warranty Include...

a broken scroll wheel. Out of the blue my scroll wheel jammed, and begins to unjam but then jam again.  Seeing as the wheel is an integral part I can’t get around it being broken.

 I understand that people have said “the warranty doesn’t cover physical damage.”

but this was something that I did not do; I treat my Fuze with the highest amount of care(and my friends call

me stingy for it.)  But I bought an extra warranty from Best Buy just in case anything happened because I know

that some warranties from the company can be pretty useless.   

My Fuze only shows light wear (had it since Middle of August) Light scratches and serial number was easily melted/scratched off the

second day I had it.  (Oh, and honestly I scratched some paint off of the middle button b/c it started to peel.) 

Do you all think I can get a replacement Fuze or at least get it fixed?

I would think you’re pretty much covered either way; the SanDisk warranty or the Best Buy extended warranty. It may be less hassle with the BB warranty as you can probably just exchange it same day. Having SanDisk take care of it, you have to contact them to get an RMA# for return. They’ll e-mail you a link to a pre-paid shipping label you can print out at home and send it back to them. Then after they receive it and verify that it is a warranty-covered issue, they’ll send you a replacement.

While it’s nice that SanDisk will take care of their customers and stand behind their products, it does make it a little inconvenient being without your player all that time. Whereas you can simply take it into your nearest BB and walk out with a new one in a few minutes. The only down-time is what you have to spend re-loading all your music, etc. onto the new one (and don’t forget to back it up on you computer before you take it back).