Wall Charger For Clip Zip

Does anyone have a recommendation for a wall charger for a Clip Zip? 

Any AC-USB charger with a micro -USB connector that puts out 5 volts no more) and above 350mA will work. Higher mA ratiings will charge it a bit faster. You don’t have to worry about burning it out (unless you go over the 5 volts); the player has built-in circuitry to prevent that; it will only take what it can handle.

Many newer cell phone chargers will work. :wink:

You can get a high quality charger for a Blackberry or cell phone rather cheaply. I bought an original Blackberry one for under $5. I think Nokia and Motorola 650 mah or higher usb chargers may also be around $5. Make sure it has a micro usb connector. My Blackberry charger is 700ma. While usb chargers over 350 ma will probably work, at least 500ma is recommended, and over 500ma will probably charge the player faster than a 500ma one.

You might also want to get a USB battery pack, to charge the player when you are away from AC power. It will  let you play music while charging the player( So will an AC charger).

There are two I suggest. The Tekkeon mp1580($20) uses 4AA nimh batteries(not included). It can charged the batteries in it when plugged into a usb power source. The other is the Veho Pebble XT($30) with a 5,000 mah built in Lion battery. The Pebble XT is smaller, lighter,  and holds more power than the mp1580, but with the mp1580 you can carry spare sets of charged batteries for it. The Pebble XT or mp1580 will give you several full charges of the Clip Zip battery for each time it is charged.

Just a few additional notes: (1) again, make sure the charger is 5V AND NO MORE–more will blow your Clip out (as opposed to with amperage: amperage can be 350mAmp or greater (a minimum of 500mAmp is best)–with amps (and as opposed to volts), the player just will take what it needs); (2) if you already have a suitable (power-wise) charger you like but that has a mini USB as vs. micro tip, you can buy a tiny mini=>micro converter tip on eBay or many electronics sites, for around $1; and (3) you can find chargers in many electronics stores, typically under $5–also online at Meritline.com, monoprice.com, focalprice.com, Amazon, eBay (although personally, I might prefer a “real store” where the store has a reputation to be concerned about), etc.

Don’t buy cheap generic chargers though, especially since real Motorola, Blackberry or Nokia chargers can be bought on Amazon for under $5. A generic charger might damage your player. Many people already have a USB charger with a micro usb tip that came with their cell phone. This would be perfect to also charge the Clip Zip. Just to be sure, check to make sure it says on the charger 5 volts. Almost all cell phone chargers are 450ma or higher.

Thanks Everyone for your comments. I actually have some extra phone chargers that should fit so I’ll check the voltage and try one of those. I was concerned about some of the “generic chargers” especially after reading the reviews on one particular model where about 25% of the people who responded said the charger fried their player. Thanks Again. 

My cell phone charger (which lists both 100V and 240V input voltage - I am in the US, so 110V applies)  says the following

Output: 4.5 V - 9.5V


(It is an aftermarket (non-OEM) wall charger I bought to use with my EVO 4G LTE)

I know the output amperage 800 mA is fine (over the minimum 350 mA listed).

My question is about the output voltage :

Given that the charger label says “4.5V - 9.5V”: Am I fine for use with my Clip Zip in USA (which has 110V voltage) since the reply noted “5V no more”?

(i.e. I don’t know if the 4.5 is for 100V and the 9.5V is for 220V countries?)

I just want to get confirmation that this charger is not more than the 5V max output voltage noted in this thread…

Is there a minimum output voltage for the Clip Zip?

I.e. is 4.5V okay?

Is less than 4.5V okay (in case I decide to buy another charger)?


It really is the more voltage that is the killer: more than 5V. (or around there–there is a tolerance) will fry your player out. (I’m not sure about the effect of less voltage; just not workable?)

Thanks, right I understood that part.

My question is around the voltage being put out by my charger:

My charger plug label specs note “Output voltage: 4.5V - 9.5V”.

Which output voltage number (4.5V, 9.5V something in between) is applicable when using this charger in the US (110V outlet)?

If it is 4.5V or 5V I should be okay or does it need to be exactly 5V?

The chargersI found online for the Clip Zip (includng generic) are 5V.

I ordered one charger set (wall plus car plus detachable USB cable) that is 5V  plus a sepaate USB cable for another location.

In the meantime I was hoping to use the charger noted above labeled 4.5V - 9.5V for output, so I need guidance to ensure it is safe (i.e. 5V and not 9.5V e.g.).

Thanks for any help!

Personally, I’d avoid the seemingly variable voltage charger–I don’t quite understand it and would just wait 'til ur new chargers arrive . . . .

Thanks! In that case I’ll hold off until my chargers and USB cable arrive.

And here’s an offer for a free-after-rebate USB AC adapter (which will work with the Clip), if you would like another . . . .   :slight_smile:


And here’s an offer for a free-after-rebate USB AC adapter (which will work with the Clip), if you would like another . . . .   :smiley:


In the meanwhle, here’s an offer for a free-after-rebate USB AC adapter (which will work with the Clip), if you would like another . . . .   :smiley:


The output voltage range for your CHGR is input voltage dependent. Meaning: if your input is 110 (really around 115-122) VAC, then the OUTPUT voltage should be 4.5 VDC (110vac) or 5 VDC (120vac). As the input voltage is increased, the output VDC is also increased. The highest of the output VDC of 9.5 is the result of an input of 220/240 VAC.
Other’s comments that the max output allowed is 5 VDC, is the most important fact for you to use. You do not want to use more than 5 VDC on your Clip, or you’ll risk the dreaded “Smoke job”.

I just purchased a Xuma Model IP-AC201, dual USb wall charger from B&H.  It says it has 2.1A , Universal 100 to 240 V AC.  Reviews said it is ok to use with Zip Clip.  Just want to make sure it is ok and won’t blow up my Zip Clip.  Also, is it ok to charge my Zip Clip for the first time using a wall charger?  Thanks.

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