Charging with cellphone charger ?


I’m not always around a PC. Can I use a  cellphone charger to charge my Clip Zip? The chargers I have available are:

Nokia Wall charger  Output: 5V DC 550 MA

Nokia Car Charger  Output: same as above, both with micro USB plugs


Motorola Wall Charger Output 5V DC 550 or 850 MA (2 different chargers)

Motorola Car Charger  Output 4.75 - 5.25 V DC  No MA spec.

The Motorola chargers have a mini usb plug but I have an adaptor to micro.

It seems to me that any of these should work, but I thought I would ask if anyone has tried something like this and the results before I try it.

Thanks for any feedback!

Yes. any of those you listed will work OK. :smiley:

As a general matter: the Clips need 5 V (no more–that will blow the Clips out) and 350 or more (500 or more best) mA (the player will take the amperage they need–having a greater amp capability is fine, unlike with greater voltage).

Thanks to you both for the helpful answers.