Universal wallsocket charger for Clip+?

I was wondering if i can use any USB wallsocket charger to charge my Clip+ player.

Not wanting to try this and see what happens, i wanted to ask here first.

It charges when my PC is on but i forget to connect it, and only when i switch off, i remembered i had to charge my player.

My PC is not on 24/7.

My LG mobile phone uses a USB charger (Travel Adapter) that is plugged into wallsocket (220V in The Netherlands).

It has the following on it:

Input: 100-240V - 50/60Hz 0.2A

Output: 5.1V __ 0.7A


Can i use this to charge my Clip+?

If not what can i buy that does not strain the wallet :wink: .

The shops are flooded with so-called universal usb chargers, but not being a techie, i am very, maybe too, carefull in using them.

Anyway, hope you can help me with this.

I think pretty much any USB charger (with the right connector) will work. I’ve charged mine with a mains kindle charger, someone else’s blackberry charger, mini USB mains charger with micro USB adapter, etc and they were all fine. So I think you should be all right with yours.

Indeed, any universal USB charger will work, as long as it is capable of 500mA.  The one you list is 0.7A (700mA) which should be just fine for charging.

Using the LG charger should be fine, the latest mobile phones feature the microUSB variant, as used on the Clip Zip and Fuze+.

The Clip+ uses miniUSB.  Of course, if the charger has a standard USB socket, all you need is the Sansa’s cable to connect.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: