Wall Charger of Clip

I just bought 4GB clip (small size).  I have a Verizon wall charger.  Input: 100-240V-0.3A 50/60Hz   Output: 5.0V=800mA.

I think that it should be safe but I want to make sure.  Whats your opinion?   Thanks

Safe. USB outputs at most 5V 1A (usually 5V 250mA for different appliances); most wall chargers output 1A, so your charger should be safe.

I am reasonably sure that any wall charger with that USB plug will work.  They are cheap and readily available.  I had two from previous cell phones (both Motorola), so I use them for my Clip+ now.

I would always check and make sure that the voltage is 5V–more will blow your Clip.  Amperage of about 350mA and up (500 is even better) is just fine.