Non-"Made for Sansa" wall charger woes

I just tried out a new wall charger I got on eBay for dirt cheap and when I plugged it into my Clip a spark came out. The Clip still works fine after this. Should I continue using this charger? I think I will just use USB.

i would not use that anymore.

next time it could mess it up. 

If your wall charger have 5.0V (or not much more) on output it don’t kill your Clip. For example Motorola V3 wall charger is good for Clip

I bought a no-name V3 charger but it doesn’t work. The Clip turns on but won’t charge at all(I even left it over night).

Some of the “generics” work, some not.  I bought a name brand, so as to get quality control (having tried a generic myself, with mixed results).

Does it show the battery animation thing? I remember charging it once at a powered-off PC with a USB 1.1 port and it wasn’t animated.

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