Mains USB charger

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a mains USB charger for use in the UK for the new Sansa Clip + 8GB that will be guaranteed to work, I believe it should be 5V 1amp.

Thanks in advance.

You can get them pretty cheaply on ebay and amazon (search for usb charger), in stores they seem to be ~£20 (argos etc).  If you have a motorola phone with a mini usb charger that will work.  As will a lot of smartphone chargers.

As well as GPS chargers. 

Cheers for the answers guys, was looking for a specific charger that someone has bought in the UK that definitely works with the Clip+, seen lots of reviews where people have bought chargers & they’ve failed to do the job.

Thanks again :smiley:

Both a USB motorola charger and an HTC mini USB charger (I think it originally came with the wizard) work with absolutely no problems.  I’ve used a lot of generic USB chargers from ebay for a couple of quid, with no problem at all. 

I might take a punt at one of these…

 The second review seems to say it’ll be OK

In the States, Macally, DLO and Belkin are major providers and work well–I’m not sure if they also sell over the pond and with the right plugs.

Also:  while 1A is fine, going down to 500mA or a bit below that will work fine as well.  But definitely 5V.

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I’ve got a typical motorola phone charger with the same plug as the USB cable which came with the Clip+.   It works just fine.  I’m hoping that the Clip+ has an overcharge/charge complete logic built in because I have not checked to verify that the number of milli-amps coming from the charging circuit for the phone is fully compatible.

I made my own I had an “Extra” Dual voltage adapter (5/12Volts from external drive case that the logic board died) So I cut up a USB extension and the green and white wires are the data wires and will not be connected  (Cut them short or tape them up) however the other two wires will be connected and the red is the + 5VDC and the black is the Ground wire so you will only be using two of the four wires in the USB cable. Any way always remember the Red on the computer molex plug is 5Volts and the Yellow is the 12 Volt line for our purposes you will be using the 5 Volt or the red wire. You can either use heatshrink or electrical tape to insulate the connection I however ran out of the size of heatshrink so I used electrical tape So you will solder the red to red and black to black and if using heatshrink tubing Remember to put it on before you solder the connections or else you will have to undue the connections and then redue them

I went for one of these in the end…  It was on offer at the time, about half price. It seems to do the job just fine :slight_smile:

USB Charger

The charger that comes with the Aliph Jawbone (version 1) bluetooth headset works perfectly with a Clip, and no problems with a Clip Plus.

Also the BT Vision box has a USB socket (behind a pull-down flap on the right-hand side of the facia) which charges the unit nicely.