W7 & Clip+: USB mode MTP not working

I am using Windows Media Player 12 and have recently purchased the clip+.

When syncing to the device using USB ‘MTP’ mode, I have 2 issues.

1.   A great deal of the music files do not copy and show in WMP as ‘error’

2.   Files that do copy to the device are shown on WMP as being either on the device memory or on the memory card but the clip doesn’t show any files whatsoever.  Re-connecting to the PC, WMP shows them as being present on the device.

Switching the USB mode to ‘MSC’, everything appears to work correctly (except the error message that is the subject of a seperate post).

If the player doesn’t show files on it, it may be because the files are in a format the player doesn’t support. Imo the best idea is to keep things simple. If you music files are not protected, then use MSC mode, and use Windows Explorer to copy and paste folders of songs to the player. MTP mode causes all sorts of problems, as does syncing. I avoid both of these.