Music not in files

I’ve been having problems with my clip+ 4g. like not sync (Fixed).  But when i went into the files to try to copy my music and put it on my computer. it only has 17 files in the music. but i have over 400 songs on my clip. And it didnt even have half of my music. i just want to have all of my music files on the clip. The music plays on the cilp. It’s just not on file.

P.S the 17 files are the ones i recently downloaded onto my clip after i fix the not sync problem.

Try switching the USB mode on the player. Your computer can only see files one mode at a time. You recently switched to MSC mode, and probably loaded those 17 songs after this. While connected in MSC, you computer cannot see the ones loaded when the player was set to Auto, which defaults to MTP mode whenever possible.

Back up those 17 songs (if you haven’t already), disconnect and switch the player to MTP. Now re-connect and if the computer recognizes the player (which I believe was your problem in your 1st post) you should be able to see and copy/back-up those files that was loaded in this previous mode.

Once they are backed-up on your computer, I would suggest formatting the player, which will erase all the songs and then re-load them all in MSC mode. That will avoid any confusion like this in the future.

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When it’s in the other modes it doesnt even read my device on my computer but it’s charging and makes the (Plug in device sound)

Have you tried going into Device Manager (on your computer) and seeing if there’s a yellow triangle with an exclamation point ( ! ) in it for this device? Un-install it (not just disable). Unplug the player, re-boot the computer and plug the player back in. Windows should find/re-install the drivers necessary for MTP mode recognition.

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it said (An error as occured durring the installtion of the device. The specified service does not exist on the install service)

I have a “ghost” CD file that I can’t delete.  I copied a CD to the hard drive then transferred it track by track to the Clip+.  When I try to play the CD, or any other music file, it keeps going to the same track which is on “pause” and will not un-pause or let me play anything else.  I have deleted the entire CD using my PC and it doesn’t show up in the Clip+ memory on the PC, but it is still in the Clip+ memory.  It won’t delete the “ghost” tracks from this CD, using the Clip+ delete button.

Can the Clip+ battery be removed or is there another way to wipe the memory completely to get rid of the “ghost” files?

Under the player’s System settings, choose format and it will wipe out all the user contrent on your player (and so, transfer anything you want to keep, to your computer first). 

Also, just to be sure:  when you write that you transferred the CD to your player, I assume that you mean, as part of that, that the CD first was ripped into a computer format (mp3, wma, etc.) that is compatible with the Clip, right?  As you probably know, audio CDs are in cda format that is not compatible with audio players like the Clip, iPod, etc.–the CD tracks need to be ripped, first.