moving mp3 music to sansa clip+ from Windows media player help?

I have put music onto my player from WMP in WMA format just fine. Have also downloaded an audiobook from public library. Worked great. Now when I try to move songs in mp3 format, nothing happens when I try to synch. I have my player in MSC mode. Do I need to change the USB mode to MTP? Can you have music in two different modes? My computer wouldn’t recognize the clip in MTP mode when I first tried to connect it. Thanks for any help.

USB Mode determines how your player communicates with your computer. Auto Detect is selected by default. You can also choose to always connect in MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) or MSC (Mass Storage Class) modes. Windows can use MTP or MSC mode, but Mac OS will only work with MSC mode. If you set the USB Mode to Auto Detect, make sure you are running Windows Media Player version 10 or higher.
1.Select USB Mode.
2.Select Auto Detect, MTP, or MSC.

Thanks for your response.  I finally figured out that I need to bypass Windows Media Player to put my mp3 music onto the Clip+.

I just did the drag and drop after opening up a folder that has my music downloaded from Amazon.  For some reason my WMP 10 doesn’t convert the songs.  Everything worked fine when I connected/opened the Clip+ and dragged songs over from the music folder.

Thank You Very much…