Volume Problm in Sansa clip 4Gb

Hello guys,

I am facing a strange problem …its been 2 years that I am using Sansa mp3 player …few days back I updated the firmware and the sound output (volume) went down. There is no option of volume in settings …what it used to be before…

Please help me out.

You must live in Europe. Your lawmakers want to make sure you can hear them when you’re old & gray and they’re still telling you how to live your life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, it _ is _ a EU restriction on volume. All portable music players sold (or operated) in this geographical area must have volume reducing firmware (or hardware) that limits the decibels (loudness).

Fear not . . . there is a way around this (at least with the Sansa line of mp3 players). Go into Settings and find Restore Factory Settings. Once you press that, it will then ask you to select a Language and then a Region. Here you should get 3 choices: US (or North America), Europe, and Rest Of World. Don’t choose Europe. If you are not in the US though don’t shoose US either because your FM radio won’t be programmed for the correct frequency steps. Choose Rest Of World and you should be rewarded with your High | Normal Volume setting again. :smiley: