Volume on left side on all headphones lower then right side! Sansa Fuze V2 8gb

Hi. I just got a sansa fuze two weeks ago. Traded it back one week ago for same headphones and fuze. But now i have a problem.

The volume on the left side is lower then the right side. I don’t know if its because i’ve fallen asleep listening to my fuze and might have rolled over it while sleeping or something (can that cause sound imperfections?) and i was wondering, what’s the worst thing thats ever happened to your fuze and did it still work? And can it be fixed?

Odds are its the headphones. Make sure they are in all the way by un-unplugging and replugging them in and using some force. If you still experience a problem try a different set of headphones. If you still have a volume discrepancy contact tech support

Like I’ve said, its probably cause i rolled over the fuze while sleeping at night.

And i’ve tried three different kinds/pairs of headphones (admittedly cheap crappy ones) and same thing.

im just going to take it back monday night and get another.

This happened with my c250. I used to wrap the headphone cord around my mp3 player when it was off and not in use.

This caused the metal piece to press on the inside of the player, and ended up breaking it.

I had no sound in the left ear piece.

So either you damaged in in the same way, or you do not have the cord in all the way. On the Fuze, the headphone jack is very tight, it can look like the headphones are in all the way, but they aren’t.

Try pushing it in more, or don’t wrap the cord around the device.

I said i rolled over it while i was sleeping.

@tmansdc wrote:

I said i rolled over it while i was sleeping.

Thats fine but having slept on top of mine a few times, unless you sleep on a board or the ground, the more common issue is the headphones not being in all the way, a broken headphone jack (could have happened in your sleep), or a short in the headphone jack. The only thing you could have caused is the busted jack. If you take it back and get a new one good for you but if its something you broke I dont know how successful you will be.