NOT solved! My Fuze volume problem

I wasn’t sure I’d get blasting volume on my new 8gb Fuze (purchased today), but this is ridiculous. I bought mid-grade Sony earbud headphones, and also tried it with my better over-the-head Logitech headphones – I have to absolutely strain to hear, and yes, the device volume is set to high, and the phones are set to their highest level.

Any ideas? 

You might not have the headphones plugged in all the way. When new, the headphone jack is VERY tight and the plug sometimes needs a little extra push to go in all the way.

But this occurs using TWO sets of headphones … one is well-used.

I’m talking about the jack on the Fuze , not the headphones themselves. Just try what I said before.

Yeah, I knew what you meant. What *I* meant was that it couldn’t be a problem with “new headphones” because there were two sets I had tried.

I figured it out, though. Nowhere in the quick-start instructions does it clearly say there is a volume dial engaging while the thing is playing. HA! I wondered why some people in reviews were complaining that the volume could arbitrarily adjust while in their pocket. I wondered what they were doing close to their pocket to make that happen :wink:

The headphone jack is the hole in the Fuze where the headphone plug goes. When it’s new, it’s tight. Nothing to do with the headphones. Glad you found the volume control.

Oh, gotcha. I thought you were implying that the headphones may also need to be fitted tightly if they were new, and obviously I used two pairs.

I think whoever developed the “flash-card” style instruction booklet on this thing is a genius. Good presentation.